Acosta Europe Launch Two New Products

07FEB Acosta Europe Launch New Insight Products


At Acosta Europe we put insight at the heart of everything we do, constantly developing new products and collaborations to add value to our clients’ businesses.

We are excited to announce the launch of two new partnerships which will provide powerful new insight tools to Acosta Europe’s suite of services, enabling better, faster and more precise understanding of consumer behaviours when building marketing campaigns or launching new product.

Glow: Consumer testing at scale and speed

Glow is an online consumer survey tool and digital monitoring system that generates robust campaign and concept feedback through access to the UK’s largest online research panel.

Glow provides results within one week; far quicker than the traditional feedback cycle.  Brand and channel marketers often find planning and testing cycles are too far apart to provide meaningful results, resulting in money and time lost pursuing the wrong strategy.  Glow’s powerful and intuitive software, delivering results quickly and in user-friendly infographics, ensures the right marketing investments are made in the right channels.

AiTrak: Precise and rapid eye-tracking technology

We understand how critical it is for brands and retailers to make an impression on customers within the first few seconds of engagement.

AiTrak is state-of-the-art eye-tracking software that uses AI and machine learning to test the impact of packaging design, store display and advertising creative.  AiTrak delivers with 97% accuracy against traditional eye-tracking methods, removing the guesswork and subjective opinions that can delay or misinform marketing and design decisions, making sure clients can analyse and optimise visual design at every stage of the consumer journey.

Powerful insights on every aspect of the consumer experience

The analytical power of both these new platforms, coupled with our team’s extensive experience in brand and retail, further strengthens Acosta Europe’s service offering, enabling our clients to take stronger decisions more quickly and in a cost efficient way.

Contact us today to set up a demonstration on either of these products and find out how we can help your brand take that next, informed step.