Turning the unseen into seen and sold.

It is critical for brands and retailers to maximise the impact of visual designs – whether on packaging, fixtures, window displays or advertising. Without creating a strong impression in the first few seconds, the shopper will look elsewhere. Unseen means unsold.


Acosta Europe’s partnership with AiTrak enables brands to understand what catches the eye of a shopper, using revolutionary eye-tracking analysis and artificial intelligence. Through the use of machine learning, AiTrak removes the guesswork and subjective opinions that often delay or misinform a brand’s marketing and design decisions, allowing them to quickly see the designs that increase the likelihood of purchase.


The benefits of AiTrak are:

Precision: 97% accuracy of traditional eye-tracking, at a fraction of the time and financial investment.

Speed: Ability to return all results within 7 days.

Breadth: Can be utilised across multiple marketing channels, including packaging, shelf displays and digital media.


Acosta Europe’s knowledge of the retail sector, along with the intuition of AiTrak enables you to maximise the visual impact of your designs from the concept stage – ensuring every decision delivers the impact you want.


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Get a fast read on what shoppers actually think.

Traditional methods of getting consumer feedback can be frustrating, time consuming and costly for brands, leading to vast expense and effort spent pursuing the wrong strategies. With access to the largest online consumer panel in the UK, Acosta Insight, powered by Glow, is able to deliver fast, actionable data that can inform your decision making within days.


Our partnership with Glow combines the business insight and acumen of Acosta Europe with the fast, powerful and intuitive Glow platform. This means you can make decisions informed by real-time consumer analysis and robust market insight, enabling tailor made marketing plans to be developed accurately at pace – a vital requirement in today’s complex and ever-changing retail landscape.


What you get with Glow:

Scale: Access to a census-representative online UK consumer panel.

Speed: Receive results within 7 days.

Clarity: Everything is delivered in jargon free, easy to understand formats for everyone in your business to digest.

Tested: Glow uses proven research and feedback methodology, ensuring your results are accurate and useful.


Greater consumer feedback, more informed decision making.


With the ability to customise surveys, you are in full control to uncover powerful insight for your brand – on any budget. From category lifecycle solutions to shopper marketing plans, Acosta Insight powered by Glow is your partner to make quicker, better informed decisions to grow sales.


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