The biggest and most comprehensive insight solution for the UK Convenience channel

The Convenience Channel in the UK continues to snowball in importance as shoppers move away from the “big weekly shop” to smaller, more frequent “meal for tonight” shops. In this diverse, disparate and, until now, dark channel, brands have struggled to target the right stores when executing campaigns or field teams.


At Acosta Europe, we have over 45 years of experience working with brands in the Convenience channel and have the number one rated outsourced Convenience field sales team (HIM, 2019). Combining our expertise, our pioneering technology and access to the biggest read of data in the Convenience sector, we provide a winning partnership for your brand.


Success in convenience comes down to three areas:


Access to the largest EPOS data read in the channel
Through our partnership with Talysis, we have access to weekly EPOS data from over 7,000 independent and symbol group outlets. These outlets are representative of the entire UK Convenience channel, covering geography, demographics and fascia.


With this high quality data, you can get to a granular level and generate new shopper insight – helping you make the right choices to grow your brands in Convenience.


True Partnership
We have over 45 years’ experience of partnering with the world’s largest brands in Convenience. Our approach to partnership is the reason our client’s stick with us, as we go beyond just store implementation. We believe that you deserve clear, practical advice – driven from insight and experience, not just data.


Business Planning
Data and partnership are vital, but we go even further by providing you with clear business planning tools. These provide live updates on brand performance, giving you quicker access to critical functions that enable better decision making.


If you are looking to evolve your strategy in the Convenience Channel, contact us today for a short conversation with one of our team. We would be more than happy to show you the impact we can make for your brand.

The Convenience Insight Partnership

The Convenience Insight Partnership is a partnership between Acosta Europe, Talysis and a host of convenience retailers, wholesalers & EPOS Providers.


We’ve come together to shine a light on the Convenience channel in the UK. Powered by the largest and most comprehensive (quality checked) panel of convenience EPOS data and driven by the unrivalled, expert knowledge and application of our combined teams.


The Convenience Insight Partnership enables brands to:
• Better understand this dynamic & critical channel & route to market
• Strategically activate activity in the channel
• Uncover specific insight into baskets, shoppers and regions
• Measure impact & activity
• Improve ROI & Efficiencies


Simply put, the Convenience Insight Partnership is your eyes and ears in this channel and gives your brand the confidence of getting the best source of data, delivered with the clearest insight to win in UK convenience.


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