Acosta Europe and Talysis launch the most comprehensive Convenience insight solution yet

24APR Acosta Europe and Talysis launch the most comprehensive Convenience insight solution yet.


We are delighted to announce the partnership between Acosta Europe and Talysis with the launch of The Convenience Insight Partnership. Providing access to the largest and most comprehensive panel of EPOS data specifically for the UK Convenience Channel.

The provision and analysis of store sales data has been pivotal in the decision making process for FMCG brands for years, however, this has mainly focused on the ‘Big Four’ grocers. Access to independent and accurate EPOS data from convenience stores, in the sample volumes necessary, has been near on impossible to source.

Through the Convenience Insight Partnership, brands now have a practical option to unlock valuable, quality assured data from the Convenience Channel that has no bias to any wholesaler, symbol group, demography or geographical area. With our panel of over 7,000 EPOS terminals, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible read of the Convenience Channel available.

Coronavirus and Convenience

Data in Convenience has never been more important than it is right now. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed shopper behaviour, brand loyalty and where shoppers are buying goods.

Our data shows that versus the past week there has been an increase in footfall of 7.7% however, this still represents a 25% reduction in footfall compared to pre-lockdown. Shoppers are spending more though, with an increase of 66% in basket spend, compared to pre-lockdown.

This snapshot shows the volatility in shopping behaviours, with an increasing number of consumers choosing their local Convenience store for more of their shopping needs. This means that it is vital for brands to understand and support this channel to ensure they are winning in Convenience.


Convenience Insight Partnership

Simply put, the Convenience Insight Partnership is your eyes and ears in this channel. We know what shoppers are doing, the trends, habits and best-selling lines. The combination of the experience and technical capability of both Acosta Europe and Talysis gives your brand the confidence of getting the best source of data, delivering the clearest insight into the market.

Anthony Carr, Business Development Director at Acosta Europe said, “We are delighted to partner with Talysis, combining our respective experience and know-how to launch the Convenience Insight Partnership.”

“Finding good quality data and insight for the Convenience Channel has been a consistent challenge for FMCG brand owners, with very limited options available. Now, we have a solution that will enable better understanding, better insight and ultimately better decision making within this sector.”

Ed Roberts, Managing Director of Talysis explained, “the scale of the Acosta business coupled with the niche application & experience of Talysis, today takes Convenience insight in the UK to a new level.”

“With more stores, greater understanding and the capability to action the insight in store; the Convenience Insight Partnership opens up a whole new world of opportunity for convenience brands & retailers; and we’re delighted to be part of it.”

Want to know more?

We’d love to talk to you and share some examples of how the Convenience Insight Partnership can help your brand. Simply email or give us a call on 01483 711300.