Acosta University: Building Successful Teams Through Flexible Learning

29MAR Acosta University: Building Successful Teams Through Flexible Learning


How do you build and develop a remote workforce that is spread across the country, frequently working on their own and geographically separate from their immediate managers and colleagues?

It’s a significant challenge that is faced by the Acosta Europe group of businesses. With 80% of our people working in the field, we need to be forward-thinking and creative in our approach to developing talent. Enabling professional growth is the key to motivating our employees, which directly correlates to better performance for our clients.

Offering a blended range of training options continues to form an important part of our development strategy. We understand that people absorb information in different ways and at different speeds; while the majority of learning is achieved through workplace experience and coaching, providing alternative solutions that work in harmony with one and other will bring a different dimension and enhance the overall learning experience. That is why we have developed Acosta University, an e-learning platform that allows users to tailor their training to their specific life and work circumstances.

“We’re really excited to be offering Acosta University across our business,” said Karly Francis, Head of HR, “The ‘always on’ platform offers a mix of learning options, from reference guides to podcasts and videos. With a vast array of training topics available, our people have the opportunity to pursue professional development regardless of their role, career aspirations or location.”

“People are at the heart of our business,” adds Justin Rigden, Group Operations Director. “We work hard to ensure we offer learning and development opportunities that meet the demands of a remote workforce. E-learning is just one of the ways to do this; it provides flexibility for remote and home workers, but also consistency and value for our clients. By offering this alongside more traditional training methods, we continue to generate a culture of personal development and performance improvement”.

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